MRM: "Cake"

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MRM: “Cake”

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Movie Review Monday: Cake
Writer: Patrick Tobin
Director: Daniel Barnz
Stars: Jennifer Anniston, Adriana Barraza

Cake is about a woman named Claire (Jennifer Aniston) who is an attendant of a chronic pain support group from a tragedy she has been through. During her visit, Claire becomes manifested in another member, Nina (Anna Kendrick)’s story who recently committed suicide. It is a character driven plot involved in the mindset and discomfort of the life of someone who is trying to live through their own devastation.

I was less shocked than others when seeing this role played by Jennifer Aniston. She does play it fantastically and it’s a unique visual for a popular, it-girl to actually diminish the glamour and portray someone identifiable. Though, I feel as if I have seen her dramatic side of acting before. Previously, she may have only shown emotion in drama/comedies but I still have received the same vibe in her performances. I believe it is this storyline that she has taken that adds the element of surprise and it’s nice to see the talent we should have already known her to have – being placed in the right type of film.

I am finding it difficult to decide whether or not I liked this movie. I believe it was one that needed to be made but it is not one that you go and see to be entertained. I almost want to call this movie educational. I think Cake is the equivalent to your favourite break-up song. It proves that there is someone else going through your exact same situation and can help guide you to survive the way they did (or are doing). I would recommend this to anyone who has been through a substantial loss. If I could relate to Claire on a more personal level, I think I would have been more invested and it would have been a lot more moving. Or if there was someone I was close with going through something similar, it might help me to understand and figure out how to behave and encourage them. It was hard watching a person going through such a struggle knowing there is no way to mend it. I came out of the film feeling depressed that this scenario is actually a dreaded possibility for many. You can either admit defeat or conquer it and those that choose to conquer it are unbelievably strong. I have a lot of compassion for them.

Perhaps the movie wasn’t as riveting as can be but it was as vivid representation that people can hopefully console in. You should come out of it with a new perspective and respect for anyone who has been through anguish. The ending was a little anti-climactic but I think with that, they are trying to represent the feeling that even if there is temporary feelings of relief; it is still something you have to live and battle with everyday.

I really enjoyed Adriana Barraza’s performance as the maid/caretaker, Silvana. Even though she is paid very well and could be doing that job for anyone who is more low maintenance, you know she does it out of pure love and genuinely has concern for Claire. She is a kind-hearted woman and you feel her nurturing behaviour throughout. Again, it makes you think about the real world and how not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with the persistent care giving of someone like Silvana. You really get a perspective of the aspects of life you need to cherish and take advantage of. You never know what could be taken away.


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