Job Insecurities & Moving Forward

Job Insecurities & Moving Forward

Job Insecurities (Started From The Bottom)

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I always get super bummed because I feel as if I don’t make the amount of money I should for the age that I am. I am 23-years-old and I’m not moved out of my parent’s home yet. I don’t have that area of my life quite together. Then, I see my friends moving out and getting great paying jobs and I get fairly jealous. It makes me feel very inadequate and as if I don’t achieve anything.

Blink 182 Cake (Nobody Likes You When You're 23)

Then, January 1st rolls around and I start to reflect on the year that has passed. I had some milestones in 2016, just like every other year. Even if the part of my life I think I am lacking in has actually been slowly improving as time has gone on.

Walking to Class

BCIT Graduation Certificate

In 2015, I was on a job hunt to be a Graphic Designer and discovered that there wasn’t much there unless you knew web. I took it upon myself to go to BCIT and learn areas I may have missed out on before. Not only web, but areas I always wished were in my repertoire, (ex. Marketing or Visual FX). Now, I’ve graduated from my New Media program and have a stronger and broader skill set to conquer my industry.

My Previous Job

I had previously been hostessing at a restaurant for 4 years. I absolutely loved it. The people there were one big family and it wasn’t much of a challenge to walk into work everyday. Even on the days the waitlist went over 2 hours – I’d still be smiling. (No wonder I got hired.) One of the days I was working, I had to hold the door open for customers entering the building. Now, this wasn’t a huge part of our job – and I’ll admit we really did have some important roles in the restaurant. After all, customers spoke to us first. We were the ones assuring people their spot in the dining room and keeping them happy throughout the operation. But, when I was standing out there holding the door open I realized, I could be getting paid for something more meaningful and for more money.

I have the skills already, what am I waiting for? Not only would a design job be beneficial to me but I would be assisting other businesses and clients in a way that would actually matter. More-so than being the person who would occasionally be acknowledged holding the door open. There were times people wouldn’t even glance my direction. This thought just started clouding my mind until the point it was decided. Before having a full-time gig (or even really a part-time), I put in my two weeks notice.

My Current Situation

I’m not going to lie and say I have it all together now. Though, I do have experiences in the industry that I wouldn’t have had previously. I have been working for companies, taking on their overflow work and freelancing whenever possible. I have got to meet some excellent people who I wouldn’t have had the chance before. I have attempted and accomplished some new platforms (learned to use SquareSpace and did my first ever photography shoot of someone). And I’m constantly learning new keys to the business side of it all.

Even though, right now my job might not be full-time or exactly what I have been looking for – I have definitely taken a step ahead to get it there. And I’m so happy I did. It makes me feel really good to receive a payment for something I actually created or modified myself. There’s really no feeling I’ve had like it. It also feels good to try something that I love doing. Hostessing or some other part-time job will always be there for me if things don’t work out. Yet, here I am diving in to see if they do. So far, it’s been going great.

"Work Is Better Than Whiskey" Fortune Cookie

Not to mention, the other parts of my life are pretty perfect. I have an insanely supportive, handsome, funny, and all around loveable boyfriend. I have a car that I know how and can afford to drive. I have a roof over my head. I have a body that’s… well, it’s not fitness healthy… but it gets taken care of and does me pretty well.

I just want to remember to be grateful. Be grateful that I’m constantly improving even through those times I feel like I’ve become a slump. And that goes to any of you reading this. You might not feel this way in your career paths but any area of your life. I want to remind you to own it and remember you are always moving forward even when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.

Here’s to a New Year that probably won’t feel that monumental when we live through it, but hopefully will have bigger and better milestones by the end. Fingers crossed, 2017. Let’s do this.

2 thoughts on “Job Insecurities & Moving Forward

  1. Omar

    Your doing good, can’t compare yourself to friends or others everyone’s situation is different. One thing for sure is you seem to have a game plan for the future and how to better yourself settling where your at now ain’t bad either as long your happy. The material things in life shouldn’t matter because they can be easily replaced, a good family, boyfriend can’t be replaced.

    • Ashley Robertson

      Thanks Omar, that means a lot. And you’re so right, there will always be ways to make more money but relationships with friends and family matter way more! I hope you are having a very happy new year. 🙂

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