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It’s so common now-a-days no matter which social media you log into, to see “fitspiration” and healthy eating blogs. They are always appealing and make you want to improve yourself but it’s a lot harder to begin and take action than to simply agree with a quote you see scrolling through your never-ending dashboard. I have officially decided to truly get into gear.
As of 4 days ago, I have become vegetarian. I am not yet sure how long I plan on keeping it up. If I should do it forever or only a certain amount of time until I feel less bloated and filled with heartburn. I will probably break during the holiday season when it is time for my turkey and stuffing fix. Mmmm!

Eating fruit is my thing, I absolutely love them and can think of so many different ways to switch them up. Vegetables, not so much. They aren’t as naturally sweet and tasty and they are always crunchy and difficult to eat. I am trying to find recipes online or even quick vegetable additions such as dipping them in Ranch or any other dressings. Just until I start getting used to the flavors and actually enjoying their taste.
I thought becoming vegetarian would make me be healthier and eat only fruits and vegetables but there are still lots of options for food. For example, I have since already made a trip to McDonald’s and ordered their Mediterranean Style Wrap. It was surprisingly tasty for a meatless tortilla. Along side of it I picked up some Milk Tea at our local bubble tea shop. Which means, there is still ways for me to pig out on junk food. Since I don’t have my meat to fill me up, I resort to carbohydrates. I eat more bread or crackers, anything that will fill my tummy. This is a habit I need to get out of. I need to look up some more protein-filled foods. Right now, my favourite is edamame with a pinch of salt. With edamame I am eating a vegetable that contains protein and it actually tastes delicious! It is exactly what I needed to find.
Along with the attempt of being healthy in the kitchen, I have also joined the gym. I have not yet decided on the scheduling of how often I will go or what time during the day. I am thinking in the mornings before work will be the easiest but waking up early for it will be rough the first few times. I have also decided to target different muscle groups for the different days I go. I have never put myself on a workout plan before or tried very hard to stay fit, so this is a change for me. I hope I can keep it up.
Leave a comment if you have any suggestions of foods or exercises that are great for beginners, I would love to hear them. And also, wish me luck! I hope you guys are doing well and fitting in your own bursts of health when you can. I’ll talk to you soon.


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