Happy Valentine’s Day (Why It’s a Great Holiday)

Happy Valentine’s Day (Why It’s a Great Holiday)

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Happy Valentine’s Day (Why It’s a Great Holiday)

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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now – how did you react: an eye roll or a smile?
By that subtle movement you know what kind of Valentine’s Day person you are. I am a smiler! (Who could’ve guessed what with my logo and all). I have been both single and in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and either status I still find a way to appreciate it as a holiday. The main argument that the negatives have are that they believe it was invented by commercial companies trying to market and make money off of it. This is not true.

First of all, Valentine’s Day is probably the cheapest out of the holidays and it is more about sentiment than luxury. It’s one of the few holidays that it is acceptable to hand out homemade baked goods or handwritten cards. In fact, it is desired. Why is everyone so thrilled to find their Christmas tree and use all of the twinkle lights, ornaments, mistletoe, wreaths or so ecstatic to do their Easter egg hunt and yet scowls at the idea of handing out some chocolates and cards? The same way Christmas has “St. Nick”, Valentine’s has “St. Valentine”. They are the legends of how the holidays came about and differ between religions and cultures. Though, when it comes down to it, are you really thinking of the back story of Christmas when you are bursting out singing Bing Crosby or Michael Bublé? I doubt it. It’s meant to be an occasion of happiness and celebration.

So, that’s what you need to be doing. It’s a pronounced day to get you to stop and think about the people that you love. The people that are in your day-to-day life who you might sometimes take for granted. It’s about saying all of the compliments you hold in because of embarrassment or it not being the right moment. Send that hot fling you had on Friday a Valentine reminding him how great his abs are. Send your long term boyfriend or girlfriend a Valentine expressing how thankful you are that they always listen to you when you need to vent. Send your neighbour a Valentine telling them how pretty their garden is and that it brightens your day. Send your single friend a Valentine that says your friendship is so much better than a relationship anyway. Send your taken friend a card with their celebrity crush being provocative. Send your family a Valentine about how you know you can be a brat but that’s what unconditional love is for. Give your cat or dog some treats or a heart collar and cuddle up to watch movies – tell them that you love them!

And remember, there is no right way to celebrate it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves to make it right. The frantic, work-oriented people might want to finally stay in and watch a movie while the regular couch potatoes might want to actually go out for a nice dinner or ice skating. Don’t think of it as “how do I want to tell my friends I celebrated Valentine’s Day and make my partner seem so romantic?!”; think of it as “What will really make me happy this Valentine’s Day”. That’s how you get the best results. Also, don’t just hope or rely on receiving a card or gift yourself – send some out! The ones that love you would gush to know you love them back.

Valentine’s Day is not solely for romantic couples, it is for anyone in any position to stop and think – hey, what I have is really great. No matter who or what comes to mind when you are thinking it. So Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Omar

    Happy Valentines Day

  2. omar

    Valentine’s was grr I got stood up Saturday night. Well she called me all last minute so I just went to Barnes n noble I read a book about online dating cause I got an account on match.com and just curious about this whole internet dating stuff. As a fan I wanna say sorry for no commenting on your monday movie reviews. I read them but just not a big movie person as of now, keep up the good work and always looking to give feedback and just blah blah about anything.

    • admin

      Aww that’s a shame but at least you made the best of it. I have never tried Internet dating myself but have heard of many people that it has worked out for so I wish you luck! No need to apologize for not commenting on the movie reviews; to each their own. I am happy that you interact as much as you do. 🙂

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