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Sometimes I think people are so much more grown up than me because they think of things before I do. I watch my friend’s actions and realize, “Wow, they actually thought to do that? They’re so mature.” I don’t mean this as major life decisions but the little instances that I should realize I need to change and never do.

I mean once you hit 21 is it automatically updated in your mind that you are supposed to apply for Medical? I did not know this until it was brought to my attention by my mother. It makes me think, that’s a pretty major piece of my safety and if that doesn’t cross my mind, how many other red flags am I overlooking? I start questioning everything I do and listening intently on the mature routines my peers go through. Should I stop trusting my employers and carefully read my pay cheque every week? Should I start applying wrinkle cream now to prevent them before they even happen? Should I switch my car radio to AM to hear the traffic reports before I drive to work? I WAS NEVER GIVEN AN ADULT CURRICULUM. How do we know what to do next?!
This is not a post about unforgiving naivety although, I could probably keep going on about mine if I wanted to. The latest epiphany I had was not as significant as the above mentioned. Most recently, I noticed it would be a good idea for me to make an e-mail signature. Not only is it smart for people in any profession, but I am a Graphic Designer. We have the instinct to want to change boring formats and text to new creative solutions. Yet, I still had not processed the thought that I should change mine. I never even had one, in general to change.
So this is a wake up call to the neurotic, don’t-always-know-what-I-need, 20-something’s like myself who may not have thought of an action that is so obvious. I read e-mails daily and view signatures at the end of each one of them. Clearly, I just needed a spotlight and some frantic sound effects to point them out to me. I have taken the responsibility upon myself to be that for you. Go update your e-mail signature. It will not only help online applications go faster (by not having to retype your name, URL, and phone number), but it also sends to anyone. If someone you don’t know too well asks you to send them something, they will involuntarily see your signature and suddenly you are in their mind as a potential candidate. Whether for themselves to hire or for their Uncle who is looking for someone to design a logo for his business. Networking without even trying. See, who can argue you are not a grown up?

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