Santa Belt Nail Art (Tutorial)

Santa Belt Nail Art (Tutorial)

DIY Santa Belt Nail Art, youtube video tutorial

Santa Belt Nail Art

My second Christmas video of the month has now been uploaded to YouTube. I wanted to do some nail art before my staff party a couple weeks ago so I decided to look up some different holiday designs. There were some really cute snow based ones with light blues and whites but I was looking for red to be the dominant colour. I came across this Santa belt look and thought it would be quick and simple enough to replicate.

If you are shying away from the Christmas theme and want to go a different route; halfway through I realized it would be a very similar process to create Poké balls. If that is more your style, you can have an alternate ending.

Fair warning, my video came out really horrible quality because my lighting situation is poop and I’m still learning camera settings for video instead of photography. Okay, fine, I won’t blame my camera and environment for everything… I wasn’t as in focus as I thought I was either. Sigh, YouTube is tough! I have to just keep thinking to myself the more I make, the better I get. And that’s the same with anything. Practice makes perfect, after all. Stay tuned for another video next week!

Watch my tutorial here: