Digital Scrapbook: Home Textures & Close-ups

Digital Scrapbook: Home Textures & Close-ups

Digital Scrapbook: Home Living Room TN

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I was having a moment where I was in my element and really observing the articles around me. That’s when I noticed all the beautiful colours and textures that were in my parent’s home. I thought putting these together in a digital scrapbook would be a great way to maintain memories as well as display how everything flows together in a compositional gallery.

Please enjoy: textures & close-ups from the living room of my parent’s home.
[huge_it_gallery id=”9″]

I will probably be doing more of these in the future. It almost has a relaxing, sentimental feel and I think it would be meaningful to have them for all of the places I feel most comfortable.

If this is something you’d be interested in seeing, let me know in the comments. Or if you want to do something similar, I would love to be tagged or linked to it and see the places where you feel most at ease.