Design Contests (Working for Free?)

Design Contests (Working for Free?)

5 thoughts on “Design Contests (Working for Free?)

  1. omar

    I’m in the middle of the road on this just hard to join either side. If I was busy with paid work I would doubt I’d even take a second look at working for free. If being unemployed I would do anything to get exposure and build up my portfolio and experience the job market. This reminds me of stock trading, when I first started out I did trades of very low amounts with expecting very little gain or loss I did this to build up my portfolio and get experience in such a large market. A very great post once again, sorry I missed the last few posts but I never got an email notice. Grrrr, lol

    • admin

      I understand your point, to each their own. I suppose if you are looking at it as “practice” instead of “work” then it could be a bit different as well. Despite it not being worth any money, it could be an exercise to help you build your skills and techniques.

      That’s strange that the e-mail never sent out, I’ll have to look into that. But no need to apologize!

  2. omar

    That dam Micheal kors guy keeps commenting on your blog about his silly purse, so annoying, I’m more of coach wallet kinda guy. Ashley do you have Facebook?

    • admin

      I know ugh, I had a spam filter plugin before to get rid of all of those but it made my website very slow. I’m going to have to try and find another one. I only have a Facebook account for personal purposes. You can follow my Instagram: @ashrobertsondesign or Twitter: @ashleytr accounts though.

  3. Omar

    ill just follow you here, I just have facebook, im not into keeping up with too many apps. besides your blog is great to read

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