My Versions of Dentyne Ice Campaign, pickaxe ad design metaphor

Dentyne Ice Advertising Campaign Additions

Advertisements are something we see constantly whether intentionally or not. As a designer, I seek them out to find creative pieces or inspirations. My favourite places for searching them are or Pinterest. In doing so, I find many campaigns rather than individual posters or videos. One that particularly stuck out to me was the Dentyne Ice campaign. This was very simplistic using their product as the imagery itself. Literally, selling itself. They made three posters with an icy, blue background to represent a cooling temperature. The graphics were pieces of their gum stylized metaphorically. You will spot a popsicle stick, an ice cube tray, and mountains. All incorporating the icy, cold concept throughout. After seeing this campaign, I thought it would be fun to come up with my own solutions using the same style and concept.


found at: Ads of the World
Originals by McCANN Agency, Puerto Rico


I tried my best to duplicate the colours, sizing of the gum packet and shadows amongst the objects. I am happy with how they turned out. I am not trying to take credit for the concept or design, I just came up with a few more versions that would fit nicely. I consider this a helpful assignment for those wanting to get into Advertising design. Trying to follow a specific style can be difficult sometimes and practicing like this can help you focus on the branding and identity of the company. If you recreate a piece from a specific company, you get a feel for how they develop their style and learn what about themselves or their product they are aiming to promote.


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