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Damon Krepski

Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017

Print Design

Photoshop CC
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Damon Krepski is a real estate agent that works in the Vancouver and surrounding area. He was a client from when I worked with Lonely Cloud Design.

Damon stood out to me because he was really involved and enthusiastic about his marketing materials. He has very vibrant colours picked for his brand and liked me using icons & infographics amongst the materials he needed.

He has a strong foundation for his identity, which was excellent to be able to draw from and really give personality to his designs while keeping everything looking consistent.

Damon Krepski – Feature Sheet


Damon’s Feature Sheet is designed differently than most of the other ones I’ve done. Using infographics, it’s really easy for a potential buyer to scan and find exactly what they are looking for. Instead of having to squint through paragraphs of descriptive text, they are able to spot a symbol such as the dog and see if it’s pet-friendly or not.

There’s still a lot of information on the sheet but the amount of surrounding white space gives it enough air to not be overwhelming. The front page is about the suite itself and the back is about the neighbourhood it belongs in.

Just Listed Flyer
Infographic Flyer
Just Sold Flyer
Tiled Expiry Card

Damon wanted a customized image of people lining up outside of an open house. He had a few requirements such as having the For Sale & Open House sign, the drone, and a line-up of people. It took a while to find suitable images that I could cut together in Photoshop and then edit the highlights and shadows to all try and match seamlessly. Here is an animation to show what’s been inserted artificially.

For Sale Sign – Damon Krepski

My position at Lonely Cloud Design
I worked with Lonely Cloud Design as a contract designer. Our main clientele included: bars/pubs, realtors, and miscellaneous industries. My employer along with the client would critique any drafts I came out with and we would collaborate on design decisions for me to finalize.