Christmas Catch-Up

Christmas Catch-Up

Christmas Morning with my Sister

Christmas Catch-Up

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Is it acceptable to say “Merry Belated Christmas”? Or have I flat out missed the chance to wish you all to be merry? Happy Holidays, I suppose! Regardless, I hope everyone has had an amazing last few days. I thought I would catch you up on some of the things that I did. Yes, this is a personal post so read only if you care about moi. Think of it as a textual Christmas Vlog. PS. If you are uninterested, turn back now for this is a longer post. Though, not to fret, it has images so our modern day limited attention span can keep up.

I had to work all the days leading up to Christmas, including Christmas Eve. This was bittersweet as I probably made good tips since it has been quite busy during the holidays but also, it was difficult to get out of the cuddle-up-watching-Vlogmas-and-Christmas-movies routine. On Christmas Eve my manager was sweet enough to mix up some Baileys Eggnog for all of us adults to drink before the rush began. It was surprisingly delicious and helped me talk to the guests more, thank him for that!

December has been packed with events for me. The 3rd of December is my sisters birthday who had just turned a quarter of a century a.k.a 25. I only said that to make her sound old but all it does is make me realize I’m only 4 years behind her. Scary thought! My mom and I drove out to see her new place, grab some dinner and go to a movie. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant that had some interesting menu options such as: “The Hangover Cure” or “The Leftovers”. I thought these were pretty clever. Here we are at the restaurant:

Leesh's Birthday Dinner, her, myself and my mom
The movie she chose to watch was Mockingjay which, in my opinion, dragged on a little and didn’t really need to be split into two movies. Then again, I have never read the books so I don’t know if any miniscule scenes could have a larger impact than I expect. Since Leesh has moved into her own place I got her a miniature LED light cherry blossom tree to substitute as a Christmas Tree as well as some incense and a body butter she asked for.

Keg Winter Prom, HostessesNext up is my cousins birthday who has now turned 6. I didn’t get the chance to see him because of work but his party didn’t involve parents/relatives anymore anyways. He ended up doing an art class with his friends. Following that, I had two staff parties. First was my one at The Keg. The predetermined theme for the night was “Prom Night” so we all sent in our graduation photos – mine didn’t make the cut. I think it was more-so to compare the older employees, then vs. now, but if you look at mine I still look the same. It was funny seeing some of them so unrecognizable. The hosts gathered at one of our houses to pre-drink. We began drinking with King’s Cup but transitioned to laughing uncontrollably as every time we flipped a card over it would reveal the 9 of hearts. Not realizing we had a trick deck to start with. We switched it up to Quarters which got pretty rowdy and competitive. Great way to get amped up for a night out. We arrived at The Keg and as always, headed straight to the photo booth with a huge selection of props. It was a great turnout for how many employees actually showed up and one of my favourite staff parties to date.
Keg Winter Prom Photo Booth SantaKeg Winter Prom Photo Booth

My second staff party was for my day job at DLO Move Support Services Ltd. Similar to The Keg, we had a photo booth that I was fortunate enough to design the template for. It gives me a smile thinking people took home some memories on a card I designed. They had the Uber Lounge in Steamworks, Gastown booked for our party. The hors d’oeuvres were nice and unique such as yorkshire pudding, I was in food heaven. This was my last hurrah with the DLO Move Support team, I had put in my two weeks notice from their Communication Design position and was lucky enough to still get to celebrate the holidays with them after my last day. They are such a friendly bunch and it was nice talking to some new clients of theirs at the party as well. This is the photo I made it home with:
DLO Move Support Services Holiday Party at Steamworks, Gastown

A week after, my close friend Jenna held a girl’s night at her place to also celebrate the season. She called me up about an hour before we were supposed to come asking if I was ready and offered me a ride. Not ready at all, I agreed to the ride and we sped through trying to prepare for the night. I took some vodka my mom had in the cabinet that none of us drink, flavoured Salted Caramel. Jenna and I decided instead of making red and green Jell-O shots like we made last year; we should attempt pudding shots. I had never heard of these before but she introduced them, I looked them up and sure enough; they are real. We mixed instant pudding with the Salted Caramel vodka, some milk and Baileys, then let them cool in the fridge for half an hour. They are hard to describe but weren’t so bad! It was a bit strong, but the chocolate was very good. The consistency was a little thick to really, “shoot” so it was more like dessert cups to get you buzzed. After some drinking games of our own, we went out to a local bar. I ran into some old friends and had some good conversation but ultimately was ready to leave not long after arrival.

We got to exchange our Christmas presents a few days ago. Jenna got me what has already replaced my latest favourite travel mug that said, “Good Morning Beautiful” (which you can see on my Instagram @ashrobertsondesign) to this Social Media mug. I love it. Thanks again, Jennalynn!
Social Media Travel Mug, Blog Twitter Like Tweet RT ShareChristmas Eve, Boyfriend's Family
I had a dinner for Christmas Eve and for Christmas. Christmas Eve, I went to my boyfriend Yoseb’s family dinner. We came a bit late but still got to scrap up some of the feast. I like going to his family events because he has so many more family members and it helps keep the joyful energy going. We took a few photos and since it was late, headed to Midnight Mass. I am not religious but I have nothing against it. I admit I feel out of place when I go, especially not being familiar with all the sing-alongs or the hand gestures. I feel a bit like a fraud as if there’s a spotlight on me… “She doesn’t even go here!” I was actually surprised how many people attend.

Funny story, you know when you sit behind someone say at a movie theater and you only see the back of their head? I was sitting behind this guy the entire hour or so when the service was coming to a close. I guess near the end it’s customary that we shake hands with everyone around saying, “Peace be with you”. I started with the handshake of my boyfriend, going down the row of his family. Next was the row in front of us. I was already shaking the guy in front of mine’s hand before we locked eyes, at the same time, realizing we knew each other. You could tell immediately at the wide-eyed reaction on both our parts that we didn’t expect to see one another. The facial expressions were so in sync with a stun transitioning to a smirk of familiarity; all while the only words out of our mouths were, “Peace be with you”. Sort of like running into someone at a guilty pleasure concert. Like, “Hey, you like Owl City too? No way…” but instead it’s a silent, “Hey, we both dig God? When did that happen?!” It was an internally funny moment. It’s nice sharing the experience of church with Yoseb’s family, and whoever else I may run into, even if I’m not as engaged. I feel like it brings us closer.

As for Christmas, it was time to be home. No work, no obligations just some family time and presents. I drove home from my boyfriend’s in the morning so I wouldn’t miss my Stepdad’s breakfast. My sister had spent the night so she was already awake in the living room. We ate our breakfast, opened our stockings, and then opened our big presents. I have been considering doing a “What I Got For Christmas” video but something inside tells me not to. It seems a bit, “I’m spoiled, look at what I got” but at the same time when you receive presents you love, you want to share your excitement. I think it will forever be a debate in my mind. After presents, my sister took a hungover nap and I watched some Christmukkah episodes of The OC and then picked Yoseb up. He came over to exchange presents and have dinner with us. (He got me some accessories to help benefit my videos, so be enthused!) Before dinner we made a Gingerbread House which I named “Palace of Love” with his added touch, “No!”.
Gingerbread Palace of Love, No
We also played card games. He beat me in Crib but I redeemed myself with whooping him in Speed; we ate our always amazing turkey dinner; and finally he stuck around to play a game of Cranium, (which him and I of course won), and some Scattergories. I’m grateful for him partaking in some games with us. It was nice for him to participate and it was actually fun. I have such a small family that at the most, there is only one or two guests so it will end with full stomachs and relaxed movies on the couch. This year, there was actually some energy leftover for us to gather around and play.

That is – a bit longer than I expected – explanation of what I have been up to lately. Hopefully this explains why my posts have been on a bit of a hiatus. Of course, all in between were the pressuresome holiday shopping, Christmas wrapping and work, work, work. If you haven’t seen any of my Christmas videos, I made a playlist for you to watch, here:

I’ve had a very happy December and I hope you all have too! You will be hearing from me on a more consistent basis from now on. I plan to be a lot more involved and dedicated after the New Year. Happy holidays again and I hope everyone has expressed appreciation for what you have gotten. We all do our best to supply others with what we can afford and there is lots of thought that goes into presents so make sure to thank those around you. Lots of love this season!

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