Christmas Card Printables: YouTube Edition

Christmas Card Printables: YouTube Edition

Caspar Lee Christmas Card, Why don't we make this a not-so-silent night? Diecut illustration design

Christmas Card Printables: YouTube Edition

If you constantly visit my website in a desperate need for my glorious words and creative projects, you may have noticed that I have added a new page. I have labelled it “Promotion” as it is a temporary page that may from time to time resurrect to display exciting new offers for you guys. Since it is nearing December and I am the type of person to get excited about Christmas the minute Halloween is over, I decided to design some Christmas Card printables for you.

I could have made some very basic Christmas cards with snowmen, Santa, or reindeer on them; which, I’ll admit, I still love. But I decided to jazz them up a little bit. My cards are different because they are based off of the YouTubers Tyler Oakley and Caspar Lee. If you are part of their fandoms you will understand immediately why I chose those two out of the whole YouTube community.
The Tyler Oakley one is my favourite. “Call me Rudolph… because you just sleighed me.” This is because Tyler is infamous for using the word “slay” in his weekly videos. Most memorable are in his question and answer videos which he cleverly retitled, “Q and Slay”. The reason for the antlers around his head is not only because of the relativity to reindeers around Christmas and him being called Rudolph; but they are the same shape as the antlers that are on the poster in the back of his videos. I thought this was a nice, subtle touch to the card. If you are unfamiliar with him, I will post his latest “Q and Slay” below:

I found the quote for the next card online and thought it would fit perfectly with Caspar Lee. “Why don’t we make this a not-so-silent night?” because in his videos, whenever something dramatic happens; the overlaying music will be “Silent Night”. (Even when it’s no where near Christmas time). On the inside, I quoted him from an actual video he made last year, saying “I want you for Christmas”. Which you can see here:

I liked the idea of having a diecut on the front so the scream could be perceived in a sensual way with only seeing the mouth but then you open it up to Caspar’s face for a laugh.
If you guys are big YouTube fans just like myself or simply laughed at the jokes/like the design, take advantage! I put them up on my Promotion page so that you could print them out for free. They will only be there for a limited time! Also, if you guys end up printing them, don’t forget to take a photo and tag my Instagram account: @ashrobertsondesign so I can go like it and know that you guys appreciated them.

YouTuber Christmas Card - Tyler Oakley, Call me Rudolph layout illustration designYouTuber Christmas Card - Tyler Oakley, you just sleighed me "slay" layout illustration designYouTuber Christmas Card - Caspar Lee, Not-so-silent night layout illustration designYouTuber Christmas Card - Caspar Lee, I want you for Christmas layout illustration design

PS. I will (hopefully) be making a video every week of December so keep your eye out for those on: My YouTube Channel & subscribe if you like!

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  1. omar

    Least favorite post but still a fan of you, not a big fan of the curvy font on the cards. Thanks

    • admin

      Sorry to hear that, it’s actually not a font it’s hand-done type. I better start practicing more!

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