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“Home is just a room full of my safest sounds.” (Troye Sivan)

If this is true: Digital Media is my home. There is no where I feel more comfortable than on my laptop. The other day I was so encompassed in my work, I tried to turn down the volume of my surroundings (without realizing it was actually life outside of my screen). Now, you can perceive that in two ways:

One: Wow, she needs to get out more.
Two: Wow, she’s really motivated.

I prefer to think the latter but it doesn’t hurt to have someone remind me about the first concern every once in a while… just in case.

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I graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2014 with my Graphic Design Diploma. After some real industry experience, I decided it was important for me to get some web skills under my belt. With this realization, I packed up my laptop and hard-drives and graduated from BCIT with a New Media and Web Development Certificate (2016). I’ve always been interested in all types of media but now lean towards branding, video, and social media marketing.


I am a full-time Digital Marketing Coordinator for GoldWings Entertainment (the parent company behind WINGS & SMK Restaurants). I also started my own company, Ash Robertson Design with the intention to grow my own client list and work in my personal method and style. I booked my very first client in 2015: Blend Bubble Tea. I was hired during Blend’s startup period and designed everything from their logo, menu, to promotional materials and more.


I largely spend my time on the YouTube prowl going through phases of my subscription box. During larger breaks, a camping getaway is my all time favourite. A close second would be half-assing my pause on technology by going to the drive-in. Being able to breathe fresh air yet catching up on the best new releases is all a new media geek could ask for. If you want to keep up with my design & blog life, follow me at: @ashrobertsondesign or my personal life at: @ashtrobertson.