5 Graphic Design Projects To Do This Fall

5 Graphic Design Projects To Do This Fall

5 Graphic Design Projects To Do This Fall

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I have come up with a list of some fun graphic design projects to do this season. I love looking at Halloween/horror related art and this is the perfect time to attempt the style yourself. If you’re anything like me, you might have some pretty tame designs and it’s always fun to reach a little bit out of your element. If you aren’t interested in the spooky side, I also dabble into the crafty/creative side. Without further ado, here are 5 Graphic Design Projects to do this Fall.

1) Carving/Decorating pumpkins
Okay, this is basically an autumnal project for every type of person but designers can add their own personal kick. I’ve seen so many interesting pumpkins ranging from nerdy ideas like software icons to fancy typography based ones. You can carve them out, paint them or use materials like: glitter, washi tape, lace, and more.

2)  Designing posters for upcoming Halloween events
Go online and search some of the local events happening in your town during this Halloween. Select one you are interested in and try designing a poster for them. Keep in mind the purpose behind the poster (most likely to sell tickets to the event) and try your best to not only make it eye catching but also to convert people to buy. If you really like your design at the end of this, show it to the company/location holding the event. You never know, they could actually use it!

3)  Designing Halloween costumes
Again, this is a fairly common project amongst the population but not everyone is as creative as a designer. Nor do they have the patience to put something together. Here are a couple examples I found online of some nerdy, easy Halloween costumes for Graphic Designers:

4)  Designing bottle packaging for an alcoholic beverage
This can be vodka, gin, rum, or you can even pretend that it’s “poison”. This project is one of my favourites. There is something generally sinful about liquor. The age restrictions, the taste, the alcohol %. These characteristics of the drink can come into play with warning signs or scary implementations. Here are some creative designs I’ve seen and enjoyed:

5)  “Horrifying” a favourite character or person you know (with photo manipulation or in an illustrative style)
One of my favourite things to look at are when people manipulate popular characters into something they’re not. This goes from changing Disney princesses into zombies or drawing Pokémon in Tim Burton’s style. Being able to turn something sweet and innocent into something terrifying or dark can showcase the reach you have in your style bank.

I hope that gives you inspiration for some personal projects you can attempt. Happy October! Also if you do any of these projects, feel free to share a link in the comments or show me on Twitter or Instagram.

None of the project examples are mine, the source is below each photo.