5 Benefits of a Clean Office Environment

5 Benefits of a Clean Office Environment

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For our 8th year anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with a new office. I was blown away by the effort, cost, and secrecy of this surprise. I tend to feel overwhelmed or more stressed when I’m in a messy work environment. Those chaotic spaces usually cause me to freeze or work more slowly because I feel preoccupied by the thoughts of needing to clean and organize. This new office space has given me a room to go to feel relaxed but also motivated. For any of you who may feel apathetic or uninspired everyday but may not know why, I would take a look at your work space.

1) You feel more positive and in control when you walk in the room.
When you walk in a room and everything is put away accordingly, it immediately takes a load off of your to-do list. You no longer have the weight of worry that you need to clean up. You are able to begin your task at hand without any distractions.

2) You appear more professional to others.
If you have any guests come by (for a meeting or collaboration), you will feel more put-together and prepared. This will also reflect onto the guest allowing them to judge you as more professional and efficient. They will ultimately be impressed and want to work with you more often based on your organization skills.

3) You won’t waste time in unproductive ways.
The hardest scenarios of clutter are when you can’t find what you’re looking for or you can’t focus because there’s too much crap everywhere. Just imagine a desk organizer where your pens are actually in their holder, your papers are appropriately filed away, and all your gear is put in their designated spots. This not only saves you time that you would take to look for the item, but it sets your mind at ease.

4) Keeps you organized and on-task.
Another reason to have a clean space is that you don’t have everything out reminding you of all you need to do. You get to stop, take a breath, and think about what your priorities are for that day. When everything is spread out in your face it feels like there’s so much more on the go than there really is. However, when there is nothing in your way and you get to pick and choose where to start – your goals will get accomplished in your own timeline based on your measure of priorities. It also helps when you clean up not only supplies but surfaces. If you dust off a light, you’re allowing the mood of the room to be bright and energizing as opposed to dull and abandoned. Which brings me to my next point:

5) You won’t get sick as often.
Sickness is a hard thing to pinpoint. Is it from your colleagues, the person sneezing in the movie theater, touching the bathroom door handle? We’ll never know. But there is one thing for sure – a messy desk can cause the stress and overworked state-of-mind with the combination of accidental spills and leftover debris that leaves bacteria all over your desk. Without cleaning this up – you will get sick from the bacteria and the aforementioned stress will amplify it.

Before I always knew there was something a bit off about my work performance once I got home but I couldn’t nail it down to any exact reason. It was when I finally found myself cleaning more often than working that I realized, this environment is impacting me a lot. Even if you can’t afford a new space for yourself (which I know I completely lucked out on – thanks Yoseb!), you should still invest in organizational materials and time to clean. You will never realize how big of a difference it makes until you’re on the other end of it. If there’s no way for you to possibly clean because you don’t have the storage – I would suggest spending time working outside of home. Go to a coffee shop, library, or other public establishment with inspired individuals, bright lights, and clean surfaces. You’re guaranteed to notice an improvement.

Interested in seeing the new office? I did a tour here:


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