2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Eve Fireworks

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year everybody!

Although I’m amidst a bit of a struggle at this point in my life and I feel pressure at this age to make concrete decisions in areas that still petrify me; all-in-all, this year has been incredible.

Here are some 10 Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head Milestones that I have been through during 2014:
1) Graduating from the Art Institute with my Graphic Design Diploma
2) Celebrating my 5-year anniversary with the love of my life: Yoseb
3) Seeing Eminem in concert (which I thought would never happen because of his Canadian ban)
4) Getting my first job out of school as a real Graphic Designer
5) Hiking the Squamish Chief with my sister
6) Meeting Ben Brown and Steve Booker at the Stanley Park meet-up
7) Getting to go on vacation to California with Yoseb and meet some of his family
8) Yoseb graduating from BCIT from a program he loved. (Also, him becoming an official business owner with a license to his name and beginning the remodel of his store)
9) Blogging for an entire six months
10) Restarting my YouTube channel again in which I’ve received 55,330 total views on my videos

I learned a lot about myself in 2014. I learned that when I stress out, I eat. When I need to have difficult conversations, no matter my actual emotion (angry, frustrated, anxious, etc.) I cry. It’s just an emotional overload response. When there is literal mess around me (for example: my room being messy), it weighs heavy on me like an extra 10 pounds of frustration. When I don’t get closure on a fight, I can’t sleep. When I don’t exercise I feel gross until I do but I find it hard to make that first step. Drinking for no reason or just for the weekend makes me feel like a loser. I don’t mind drinks for a celebration whether a holiday or a kicked-ass-at-work-this-month reward; but going out for the intention of getting drunk and no real reason behind it is not worth it. Most of the time you wake up hungover and broke with, at best, mediocre memories.

When I work alone, I am more confident and feel motivated in what I am working on. When I listen to music, my heart beats faster and instantly improves my mood. When I spend time on actually cooking a real meal instead of ichiban or pizza, I feel more productive and a little sense of pride. Another burst of energy I get is whenever I go outside. No matter the time, weather, or location if I go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air I get a sense of zen and relief. Waking up early gives me so much more time in the day and all that does is reap benefits. You get things done you didn’t think you had time for and even if you’re tired, you feel accomplished. Having a shower and getting properly dressed even if I am staying at home gives me vitality instead of staying in my sweatpants all day. Taking time to focus on something that needs a bit of extra attention. For example; forcing myself to drink water, remembering to moisturize my face when the winter dries it out, or even planning an outfit ahead of time. All these extra gestures not only make me feel good about myself but will help make me look good too – offering a true confidence boost.

I tried to balance that list with both negative and positive emotions. Working off of these realizations is what helped me brainstorm my list of resolutions. So, without further ado, here is another 10-point list but this time, of my

New Years Resolutions 2015:
1) Quit making excuses. Stop over-thinking things and take them as you go. Why worry about an outcome that hasn’t happened yet?! If all you do is make excuses, you will never grow. Take things one step at a time and if you fail, you learn. If you succeed, even better.

2) Toughen up. Get a hold of your emotions, woman! You never used to cry now it happens way too often. You’ve opened up to someone more than you ever have in your lifetime and it’s hard to be so vulnerable. Don’t give up. When you are mad, get MAD. Stop building things up to be a chaos of emotions that’s when the tears erupt. Pinpoint the one experience that made you mad and don’t mix it with everything else inside you. Face that anger head on and let it flow. One thing at a time. Soon enough, you will have no more grudges or hidden feelings that can snowball and avalanche you… Sheesh, two references to natural disasters while trying to explain my emotions? That can’t be good.

3) Stop procrastinating! Your room gets messy because you put things off. When you do laundry, put your damn clothes away. When your garbage is full, take the damn bag out. When Seth’s cage is messy, clean that crap up, literally. You know what you need to do to advance in your life? Take those steps. Undecided of those steps? Research, teach yourself, feel it out, do something.

4) Typical New Years Resolution – exercise often. More-so, find something that motivates you. That way you don’t have to convince yourself to exercise, you just have to look to that thing that will get you moving. Once you found that, all of these resolutions will become so much easier.

5) Don’t let people stop you from doing what you love. I tell myself that I don’t care what people think about me but it’s not entirely true. I don’t care what most people think about me. But, when I am filming a video and my mom and Stepdad individually peak their heads in my room solely to laugh and mock me. Not cool. I’m trying to be progressive and work on something I enjoy doing but having a reaction that what I do is up for ridicule? It makes me not so determined to finish it. Also, if I’m making a step-by-step tutorial that one step can only be filmed once, they will ruin that take with their unnecessary interruptions. Now that I think about it, maybe this is more of their issue to resolve – let’s change this one around…

5) Again. Keep open-minded and supportive. No matter what you think about someone’s goals or plans, support them. You are free to offer advice and give an opinion but if they are going through with it, despite what anyone has said; then it means something to them. Be there for them, they need it. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment when it works out for them and the more energy that’s behind the success of it, the higher chance it will succeed.

6) Spend time outside everyday. Whether it is 2 minutes or 2 hours leave a spot in your day for the outdoors. You can go for a run, try meditation, take a walk, look and listen to nature, anything. Open your eyes and lungs and revel in the beauty of the outdoors.

7) Wake up early and, as often as possible, try to go to bed early! Your late-night TV show watching is ruining your sleeping pattern. Wake up early, get your priorities done and with any extra time – that’s where you fit in your shows and entertainment. Think of it as your reward rather than your fall-back of that mythical feeling of boredom.

8) Drink more water! I try to set this as a goal to myself every few weeks yet always fail. There are countless benefits to water and still it is something I overlook. Every time it pops into your head – drink water. This means now, Ashley.

9) Spend some time on appearance. We know you don’t wear make-up often and you never do your hair but we still like you. This is how I think people see me, but sometimes that extra oomph reminds people of your potential. Sure, hot models can pull off pyjama’s but does that mean they should conceal their dolled/suited-up look for no one to see?! Of course not! Flaunt it! Wear some of your best clothes on a Monday when you have no where to be. Put on that cheeky little bit of eyeliner. Feel like you think you should be looked at and believe that you are. When you believe people are paying attention to you – that’s power and that power creates confidence. Even if it’s all a placebo effect from wearing new shoes. The mind can be easily fooled. Take advantage.

10) Last but not least, take time to cook. You are not going to be at home forever, you need to learn some new recipes. I know you could survive on oatmeal and pasta but don’t you want some variety? Try new cuisines, find out what flavours you like and play with them. You’ll never know if you have a taste for cooking until you try.

If any of you are like me, I hope these brought some possible resolutions to your attention. If not, then I wish you luck with the ones that you came up with all on your own. Let me know some of yours in the comments. I had a blast in 2014 and it’s time to kick it up a notch for 2015. I hope you all had a New Year’s Eve to remember and wish you success and happiness in the year to come.

Oh! And you can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve without watching “The Routine” so enjoy a little holiday tradition:

PS. All 10 seasons of Friends are on Netflix now. I hope after some people binge watch I will finally have someone to play “Friends Ultimate Trivia” with. God, I love that show.

4 thoughts on “2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. omar

    Thanks for the post, reading your blog always brings a smile to me. I don’t think I been a fan for the six months but keep it up. I hope you liked California that’s where I’m from. For your new years resolution #2 I have never thought of you being emotional, but emotion shows passion and any close friend should be able to notice what’s important to you and respect that. #9 Interesting resolution the way I see life is do what makes your happy if being dressed up for others to see makes you happy than go for it, if being lazy and wearing lounging clothing all day makes you happy and makes sense than go for it. Life is full of stress that we shouldn’t be stressing about every little thing. I wish to write more but it’s 2am I’m sleepy

    • admin

      That’s nice to hear. I think you’re right about the emotion one, that makes me feel better about it. I like your positive outlook on it all! Did you have any resolutions?

    • omar

      My new years resolutions
      #1 To continue being active, hiking, bike riding, camping(not sure about), tennis, going to the beach. I was always out and about in 2014 going here and there that I planned to come close to it again.

      #2 Get into a serious relationship. In 2014 I was single but I shared many memories with my ex gf doing things together just as friends but now she’s married and five months pregnant. It’s time to commit to someone new and balance out my life.

      #3 Travel Travel and more travel. Last year I went all over the country. This year planning on a west coast trip all the way to Canada and hitting all the best mountain bike trails along the way.

    • admin

      Those are great resolutions! Sounds a bit hard to do number 2 AND 3 but with the right timing, I think it could work. In fact, there are more potential dating options abroad anyway, maybe you can get both done at once! I think you would love Canada. Especially if you are looking to be doing all the activities you mentioned. There are so many places for camping, hiking, bike riding; I can’t wait or the summer to get some of that done myself.

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